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Register attendees using Ianum

Event registration is the heart and the first point of contact of an event. Providing secure and mobile-responsive event registration is the key to success. Solutions for mobile registration using Saas platforms always bring doubts: how are users' data treated? Where are they stored? Who can access them?
Ianum is the solution to make sure you can set up passwordless registrations! Both at webinars or physical events, choose our platform for a transparent, reliable, and GDPR compliant registration and data management tool.

How Ianum can makes the difference

Imagine you'd like to organize a webinar to engage new customers with your fantastic product. You set up online registration, and you'd like to use a solution that allows at the same time a passwordless authentication and a GDPR compliant data management, leaving the full control of you data in your hands.

Users will download Ianum App or use your custom App with inside Ianum App SDK. To register, they will need to read a QR Code and provide you all the necessary personal information. On the day of the event, to enter, your users will need to read a QR Code (provided by Ianum), and they will be accredited.

Integrating Ianum is pretty straightforward, and with a few hours of work, you can enjoy a Passwordless Authentication system, fully GDPR compliant, with a data management tool. Data collected will be visible only to you and to your users. You won't have to worry anymore about third party services that can access and sell your users' data.


Both you and your internal users will have huge advantages over this process.

As a company, you can give a quick tool to register and manage registration. During the event, you can ask your users to identify with just a QR Code scanning. And since multiple users can scan a QR Code at the same time, your events will be lines-free.
Finally, you won't have to share your users' data with any third party provider, being you the sole owner.

As a user, you can enjoy login in a few clicks! The day of the event, you can register at the same time with other users, avoiding long lines to get a printed badge.

Even more customization

You can embed the experience of Ianum within your App. Include our App SDK inside your existing App to have your attendees login with your custom App.
You can fully customize your users' Ianum experience, making it completely white-label.


See the power of Ianum in Action

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