Manage Users Onboarding

Register a new users on a website, asking for Name, Email and Marketing Consensus.

Onboarding has never been that safe!

Onboarding means registering the user for the first time, collecting some basic information, and asking them to accepts agreements such as Terms and Conditions of your services or Marketing newsletter.
Collecting and treating users' data is what companies need to do with care, making sure they are respecting all governing rules, such as GDPR and CCPA.

How Ianum can makes the difference

You can use Ianum to make sure you are treating users' data with full respect of rules by using 3 of our services

  • Passwordless Authentication - to manage users' identification
  • Consensus Management - to ask for any consensus you would like to collect, such as Terms and Conditions or Marketing Consensus
  • Personal Data Protection - To request personal data during onboarding

These 3 tools automatically flows into a unique user experience. Just ask to your users to users to authenticate using Ianum by sending them to the unique URL provided by Ianum set up. During their first login they will be asked to accept the consensus and fill in the information required, based on how you set them up.


Both you and your users will have huge advantages over this process.

As a company, being GDPR compliant is an immediate benefit. All the data of your users will be fully encrypted with the key only in your hands. You can receive them anytime, and you decide where to store them, whether in one of our out-of-the-box endpoint (Europe, US or Japan), or on your custom instance on-premises. If you update any consensus, we will take care of communicating it to your users, as well as inform them during the next first login.

As a user, you can always see in one place all the data you have shared, updating or changing them, as well as consensus. You can also login passwordless, enjoying the power of a a bank-level security login system with the ease of use of a simple App.

Even more customization

You can embed the experience of Ianum within your App. Include our App SDK inside your existing App to have your users login using Ianum directly from your App.
You can fully customize your users' Ianum experience, making it completely white-label.

Try It Yourself

Use Ianum to register to their Newsletter system. Accept consensus and share your Name and email.


Register using Ianum and use their solution to create amazing business cards.



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