How Ianum Works

A look under the hood, to understand why Ianum is privacy first, and why you can fully trust our solution, no matter if you are an end-user or a company CEO.

Ianum Identity - Where it all begins

The core of Ianum is users' identity. Creating one is pretty straightforward: download Ianum App from App Store or Play Store and activate it.

Ianum® identity is your identity in the digital world. It will hold all your personal data, and you will always keep full control over it.

Smartphone based identity

Using a smartphone guarantees a great user experience, making Strong Authentication a friendly challenge.

There's also a security reason behind the usage of smartphones: they are the tools we use most of the time during a day. If it gets stolen, you can notice in a few minutes. On the other hand, if a password gets stolen, the average time to notice it is 6 months.

Encryption is the core of Ianum

Based on public / private keys generated on users' smartphones.
Keys are used to verify user identity, as well as to protect personal data.

To Login

Signatures are used to identify a user and prove he can open a gate. A gate is a digital entry for a web service, connected with Ianum.

To Protect Personal Data

When a user adds personal information, such as email or first name, that information is encrypted with his public key. Encrypted value is then stored both on the device and in the cloud.
This allows secure backups and future reuse of the data, making sure only the user, with his private key, can decrypt that value in the future.

True data ownership

Users and Companies have the freedom to choose where their data resides and who is allowed to access it. They can fully trust Ianum personal data management. No one, neither developers at Ianum, can access your data.

Anonymized data

References to users' information, for future recovers of personal accounts, are strongly anonymized through a series of hashes, with a one-way process

Data returned encrypted

Ianum shared data storage is the key feature to guarantee data is always available. It works like a distributed ledger, where data is encrypted and can be decrypted only once retrieved and never by Ianum

No SQL-like operations

Shared personal information allowed by users are stored encrypted. When the website request those information, Ianum returns (encrypted) all the information of that specific user. There's no way Ianum can run queries like "search for all the users with a email": this guarantee data is truly (and fully) encrypted


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