Consents Management

Record all the consents collected.

Manage and control your users' consents!

As a company, you need to record and manage GDPR consent and privacy preferences for each of your users.
This task can be tedious and can lead to issues if not run correctly, up to possible fines from authorities. Stay on the safe side using a tool that can easily be adapted to your legal strategy and to the current legal situation.

How Ianum can makes the difference

You can solve this task using Ianum Consent Management tool, doing it in two ways.

The first way is if you connect Consent Management with Ianum Passwordless Auth. During login, Ianum will ask for consents among your users. In this way, they will be able to see them right inside their Ianum App.

The second way is if you want to keep managing authentication without using Ianum: you can collect consents on your own, then storing the results using Ianum Consent Management. If you still desire to show them to your users, you can ask them to scan a QR Code provided by Ianum. Using Ianum App, users will be able to connect consents, seeing them right into their App.


Both you and your users will have huge advantages over this process.

As a company, you can win your users’ trust with professional transparent consent management and a different relationship between you and your customers. You will be transparent in the way you inform your customers about what data is processed, by whom, and for what purpose.

As a user, you can always see and manage in one place all your consents. You don't have to go through endless processes to change one of them, every time different for each website.

Even more customization

You can embed the experience of Ianum within your App. Include our App SDK inside your existing App to have your users consents directly visible inside your App.
You can fully customize your users' Ianum experience, making it completely white-label.

Try It Yourself

Use Ianum to register to their Newsletter system, and accept their marketing consents.


Register using Ianum and accept their consents, then use their solution to create amazing business cards.



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