Take Over Your Data

Directly control and share your data
No one can see it
Even us

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The toolbox to protect your digital identity

A set of interconnected and easy-to-use tools.
Improve your data management using the most modern encryption technologies.

Many tools, one simple App

Take over your data and manage them all with one App.
Always keep track of data you shared through Ianum®.

With Ianum App you can ...

Control Your Personal Data

See what data you have shared with a website, modify it or request its deletion.

Manage Consensus Acceptance

Manage or revoke consensus you have provided during onboarding. Whenever you want.


Authenticate with our anti-fraud passwordless technology, using your smartphone as a key.

Where to use Ianum App?

Wherever you see one of these symbols you can use all the power of Ianum® App

Try it yourself!

Watch the video to see how Ianum Authentication works.
Then choose one of below websites and use Ianum App to authenticate and share your personal data.


Boost your Business Cards! Create a QR and share your data in seconds, of course using Ianum® to protect your authentication and consensus.

Try Ianum

Our Test solution. Authenticate, share data and manage consensus in an almost-real website!

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Subscribe to their newsletter using Ianum®, making sure you can always unsubscribe in seconds, directly from your Ianum® App.

Why trust us?

Privacy by Design

Everything at Ianum® has been designed with Privacy in mind from day-0. Your data is encrypted in a way that does not allow us to see what’s inside. Doing so, we guarantee you are the owner of your data.

GDPR Compliance

Ianum® is naturally compliant to GDPR. You can always see data you have shared using Ianum®, together with the related consensus. You are the real owner and only you can control them.


Today encryption is often used to protect accesses. Ianum® uses encryption to manage who can decrypt data, making naturally sure that only the owner can control them.