In the time of privacy we believe in a closer relationship of trust between companies and users

Antonio Seveso
CEO & Co-founder

Why Ianum?

We are a group of engineers, developers and dreamers with the vision of a better internet in mind, where rights are guaranteed and data ownership is respected. That's why we built Ianum, an ecosystem inspired by the technologies used in the most modern blockchain, allowing the user to be the only true owner of his data. The encryption technologies we adopt ensure only the user can access his data, thus being able to share them with whom he wants.

Ianum is the Latin word that the ancient Romans used for Janus, two-faced god placed to protect access to bridges, roads, buildings. In the same way Ianum protects the ownership of data and the identity of people online, without ever being able to access or falsify them.

The "Core" of Ianum

Antonio Seveso

CEO & Co-founder

15+ years of experience in IT, Antonio has a Master Degree in Civil Engineering and a big passion for Basketball. It’s thanks to basketball that Antonio and Federico met.

Federico Castelli

CTO & Co-founder

Federico is a passionate Python Developer that loves IT Security and Basketball. He won the Italian Young National Championship in 2016 as the captain of his team.

Gonçalo Palma

App Developer & Flutter Guru

Passionate Flutter Developer and Open-Source Advocate. Loves writing and being present in online developer communities. It's thanks to an aperitivo that Antonio convinced Gonçalo to join the team.

João Taborda

Frontend Developer & Prettifier

Addicted to javascript frameworks and always seeking the most updated technology to improve coding and life. On his free time, he is a CrossFit athlete, Videogame enthusiast and Chinchilla owner. Gonçalo is the one to blame for him joining Ianum.


Founded in the early 2018, Ianum is an international company composed of entrepreneurs and dreamers. Our team is made of people from different countries and cultures, adopting cutting edge technologies to develop our solution. We are proudly part of the Stripe Atlas Network Program that is helping us reaching our goals.

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