Consent Management

GDPR Compliant consent tracking made easy. Store your users' consents and let them transparently see them through Ianum App


A classic check-box is not enough anymore

With GDPR and CCPA, a consent needs to have a series of features, both on what you show and what you store. Ianum Consent Management is the tool to help you manage, update, track and show them to your users. You can use it as a private repository, or integrate with Ianum Passwordless Authentication.

Users can always see their consents

Users will be able to see the consents they gave you through Ianum App

GDPR and CCPA Compliant

Manage your users consents in compliance with data protection and privacy laws in the EU and California.

Integration with Ianum tools

Connect Consent Management with our passwordless authentication

Use as your Consents Repository across all your services

You can integrate Consent Management both with Ianum Passwordless Authentication, or as a repository to store the consents you collect on your websites or Apps. In both cases, users will always be able to see the consents within their App.

Bring all your current consents

Join Ianum Consent Management and bring all your current collected consents.

Version Management Support

Consents changes over time: we will track changes and show the users new ones when you update them.

Multi language support

Manage consents in one or multiple languages, and we will show the appropriate one to the user.

Choose where to store consents

As everything within Ianum, you will choose the location where your data will be stored.

Be always transparent

According to a recent study, over the last 5 years the number of users that reads through all consents during onboarding has increased of 57%. In addition, 80% more of users prefers not to subscribe to marketing newsletters, being afraid of what companies can do with their personal data.

This clearly shows how important itis to be transparent with your users, providing tools that allows them to see consents they have given.

With Ianum App you can show your users consents, whether they have logged in to your services with Ianum or not!


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