Identity Provider

One login solution for all your employees.

Enterprise level Single Sign-On

Identity and access management solution with SSO and federated identity are more and more needed. This ensure your internal users have a unique identity.
It's great for creating strong life-cycle policies, but can be risky too: what happens if one of those identities get stolen?
It's important that while making simple for your internal users to login and access your applications, you secure your users' accounts with a strong authentication system.

How Ianum can makes the difference

Ianum implements a strong authentication system in the form of a Passwordless, smartphone-based solution.
In addition, Ianum is also SAML 2.0 compliant, making it the perfect choice for quick and codeless integration within your applications.

Connecting your existing applications is quick and easy. Once the connection is established, in less than an hour all your users will be able to log in using their mobile phones. They won't have to remember any password, not even to activate Ianum on their device!.


Both you and your internal users will have huge advantages over this process.

As a company, you can adopt an enterprise level authentication system at a fraction of the cost. Smartphone, with Ianum application installed, will handle all the complexity, leaving a nice user experience.

As a user, you don't have anymore to worry about changing the password every 3 months, or trying to remember which was the last one. Just open Ianum App, scan a QR Code and you're in!

Even more customization

You can embed the experience of Ianum within your App. Include our App SDK inside your existing App to have your internal users login with your custom App.
You can fully customize your users' Ianum experience, making it completely white-label.


See the power of Ianum in Action

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