Personal Data Protection

Encrypt users' personal information and protect them with end-to-end encryption. Retrieve store data any time for secure access or computation.


Fully trusted Personal Data collection tool

A tool trusted by companies and end-users to collect, manage and always retrieve users' personal data when needed, both for users and companies. Everything protected by our end-to-end encryption system, making sure only you can see your data.

End-To-end Encryption

Data is never transmitted unencrypted, while decryption happens at the edges, where keys are stored.

GDPR and CCPA Compliant

Manage your users consents in compliance with data protection and privacy laws in the EU and California.

Integration with Ianum tools

Connect with Consent Management or Passwordless Authentication for a better user experience

Collect and Store your users' personal data

Use Personal Data Protection during your users' onboarding process, both in connection with Ianum Passwordless Authentication tool or within your custom registration process. Choose where to store your users' data and retrieve them anytime.

Data always fully encrypted

We will always return encrypted data. You will be able to decrypt them using your keys.

Speed, security, high availability

Data is encrypted at the edge and stored safely. Our multi redundant store guarantee a high availability of data.

Create the fields you'd like to collect

From a single text field to a list to choose from, you can customize the fields together with validation rules.

Choose where to store data collected

You can choose between Europe, US or Japan as storage location out of the box.

Built on encryption, to create trust

Ianum brings strong encryption directly into your existing applications. The main advantage is protecting sensitive users' data while preserving the usability of your applications.

Only you hold the encryption keys, meaning that only you can decrypt the data a user shares with you.

On the other end, a user can always see his personal data within Ianum App, together with a full control over it, being able to update it.

As a company, you can choose to integrate data collection with Ianum Passwordless Authentication, or simply use Ianum as a secure storage, saving data you collected from the user. In both scenarios, users can see their data using Ianum App.


See the power of Ianum in Action

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