Single Sign-on Identity Provider

Smartphone based Passwordless Authentication built on privacy and end-to-end encryption. Empower and simplify your business and employee authentications.


Strong Auth for Employees and Partners

Ianum Passwordless Authenticaiton comes out of the box with SAML 2.0 compatibility. You can integrate it with your applications, creating a true Workforce Enterprise Identity Management single access point, enjoying the security offered by our Strong Authentication solution.

Always On
Single Sign-on

Reliable integration with all your web and mobile apps, providing a full-featured federation engine together with flexible access policy.

User Experience

A great user-friendly way for your internal users to access all their applications, based on what they can see in a fully customizable experience.

Mobile ready,
easy to use

The same identity access management experience as the PC, in a native mobile app. Experience is fully built for a great mobile UX

A solution that fits all your needs

Use our Smartphone based Strong Authentication to enable passwordless authentications within your company internal applications.

Use Ianum SSO in company portal

Being SAML 2.0 compatible you can use it with any business applications.

Fully customize User Experience

When, where and how authentication is needed, this is how you can customize your UX.

Group-based access policy for all your users

Group your users and assign policies to each of them, with a full granular control.

Also with smartphone

No internet connection on your smartphone? You can still authenticate!

API based connection enabled

Office 365, GSuite, Facebook Workplace, Dropbox Business, SonicWall VPN are just a few examples of the business applications you can connect out of the box using SAML 2.0 protocol.

If you prefer to create a custom login experience with a whitelist of users allowed to access, you can connect Ianum SSO Passwordless Authentication directly using our API connections.

A solution is suitable if you'd like to create a plugin for a specific application you currently use. For more information, contact us!

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